Head: Grunt 2003 modified
Torso, Arms, Waist: Hacker 2003
Legs: Flint 2003

Bomb Disposal Suit:
Helmet: Low-Light 2001, Godzilla faceplate
Vest: Hacker and multiple pouches

"ROBI" (Bomb Disposal Robot)
Base: Lightfoot robot
grappler: STAS Brainiac sled
remote control: Star Trel Type 2 phaser
head: Godzilla video camera
and other assorted parts

Right off the bat, I know there will be issues with my redesign. I based the bomb suit off of several different designs I have seen. Bomb suits are thick as hell, and Hacker provided the right girth. Tools are a nessecity, so I added all the gear pouches to a vest for Lightfoot. The helmet was designed with a multiple light spectrum visor in mind. The visor allows the wearer to see in the dark as well as see infared and into the UV spectrum. The faceplate offers the protection the original helmet never had.

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