Head: Resolute Firefly w/ Indiana Jones- Henry Jones glasses
Torso, arms: DCIH- Bizarro
Hands: Thor- Frost Giant
Waist, legs: Star Wars '96 Han Solo
Ax: ???


One of the deranged torturers featured in Marvel Comics' GI Joe #95, Crispo Paine was defeated by the captive Snake-Eyes. The escaped Snake-Eyes took Crispo's mask and goggles, which became part of his 3rd uniform.

More than his brothers or even the Arena Wrangler, Crispo Paine is the biggest leather daddy in the GI Joe universe Of all of the Marvel/Sunbow characters, Crispo has got to be the one that Hasbro would NEVER be able to make due to its freakiness factor. Even the Collector's Club probably wouldn't release this character. A design this strange calls for those "junk parts" customizers are glad they didn't throw out. The monstrous shoulders and small head give Crispo the look of an overpowering monster.

Colors & Paint:

Based on the Marvel comic.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The Han Solo legs were added to the Bizarro torso. The Frost Giant hands replaced the Bizarro hands, which were poorly sculpted and oversized. The neck/cowl draping, wrists, and top of the trousers are sculpted.

Thanks for looking.

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