Heads: self custom red cast / Retaliation Combat Ninjas alt head casts
Body: Iron Man 2 War Machine variant
Jetpacks: Clone Wars Boba Fett
Helmet: Halo clear red cast

After seeing the other Red Laser customs I knew I had to do one for myself. After tossing the idea around for a bit I decided on making 3 figures, 2 'bots and a "self custom" of sorts. Using the IM2 War Machine body gave me the armored soldier/robot feel I wanted for these. I painted over the sloppy silver accents on the 2 'bots but left the silver on my figure so it would be more distinguishable as the leader. I have been sitting on that red cast of my headsculpt for a few years, not knowing what I could do with it. When this project came up I had the perfect use for it - a Red Laser clone of myself. A little clear red paint for the eyes and hair and my clone me was ready for combat. I had to include the Boba Fett jetpacks as jetpacks seem to be an identifying trademark of the Red Lasers. Plus it helped tone down some of the "War Machine" vibe of the base figure. I also used the Retaliation Combat Ninja alt head for the 'bots to tie them in with the other Red Lasers that have been done.

I don't know where the idea for naming them Thing 1 and Thing 2 came from. It was just one of those thoughts that surfaced in my head and really stuck. So I carved out some 1 and 2 stickers from a Combat Cruiser sticker sheet and using the acronym C.A.T. for my figure I had a fun little Cat in the Hat subtle thing going on which tickles me.

Once a prominent member of the community, the man known only as the Mysterious Stranger one day suddenly disappeared without a trace. After his disappearance he became something of an urban legend. Eye-witness reports placed him at every major news worthy event on the planet and the rumors grew more and more fanciful with each telling. Though the truth of his disappearance may never be known what is fact is that when the Lasers War began he returned with the same amount of fanfare as he departed. Few were actually there the day he reappeared, however most have heard the tale. How the Red and Blue Lasers were locked in combat on the battlefield, neither giving up ground and a stalemate all but assured. When out of the shadows came three dark figures. No one knows where they came from or how they arrived in the middle of the battle but their arrival shifted the momentum to one side. Three large figures cast in crimson and dark gray armor, armed with gatling cannons and repulsors they began firing on every Blue Laser in their immediate vicinity. Using their jetpacks they maneuvered around the battlefield taking the fight to the Blue Lasers in a huge way. After a moment of shock and surprise the Red Lasers saw that these newcomers appeared to be on their side and this knowledge reignited their battle lust. It was a dirty and costly fight for both sides but the Red Lasers and their new brothers in arms had won the day.

The newcomers covered the field as the Blue Lasers retreated and stayed on watch as the Red Lasers gathered their downed brothers. It was only when the threat was gone that the apparent leader removed his helmet revealing a red skinned face known only to a select few. The man had the guise of the Mysterious Stranger but was clearly not that missing soldier. Instead he revealed himself to the Red Laser leadership as a Combat Android Trooper, modeled after the Stranger. He had been sent by his creator, along with two combat robots, (nicknamed Thing 1 and Thing 2 by the grunts), to assist the Red Lasers in their war with the Blue Lasers. They keep to themselves except during battle which has led to the other troops referring to them as ... the Red Strangers.

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