Head. Tunnelrat
Torso arms hand . Jungle snakeyes
Lower legs. Tunnelrat
Helmet modded from gungho and inferno
Bike from random Tuesday morning extreme cyclist
Spud/Blitz sluggaterra

Based on character from bicycle handlebar cover from 80s. As well as Hawk's son in Sigma6. Uniform design also homages Hawks jetpack uniform 1990. Changing Spud to blitz references COPS Cybernetic k9

Scott Abernathy was a regular occurance while Hawk was recovering from being shot in the back by Cobra Commander. Various circumstances and events would take him from the quiet science prodigy to becoming the entire teams protege. trained in self defence by SnakeEyes. Ethics and military code of conduct lessons from Lifeline and Flint. Marksmanship from Lowlight and Combat driving lessons from LaGrange. He earned every step of the path to becoming a Joe. His final Greenshirt evaluation was overseen by the strictest measure possible a all or nothing tribunal of Beachhead Sgt Slaughter and his own half brother Falcon. He took the codename Mongoose as well as primary specialty of all terrain reconand courier. His crowning invention SPUD now designated as Blitz is on loan to the DEF unit.

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