Head: Indiana Jones Dovchenko
Rest: 25th Red Star

Although Joe had already been around for a couple of decades, in 1980's the ''A Real American Hero'' line defined GI Joe for a new generation. That line created some memorable characters and vehicles and has influenced everything Joe since then. Most modern Joes have roots that can be traced back to the '80s. When Hasbro introduced a brand new type of figure construction for the 25th Anniversary in 2007, they brought back many old favorites with modern sculpting and engineering and re-ignited nostalgia in many fans.

Hasbro has continued to release updated classic figures in each line since then. However, some characters will most likely never get updates. Others did get updates via exclusives and are therefore more expensive to acquire. Yet others got updates that can be improved on. As such, in an effort to continually improve my collection, I made my own version of these characters.

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