Head: Capt. Ace v1
Head/Body: Viper v19
Hands: Python Patrol Viper v21
- Helmet: M.A.R.S. Industries Officer v1
- Rifle: Marauder Inc
- Backpack: Python Patrol Viper v21
- Body Armour: Python Patrol Viper v21

File Name: Various
Primary Specialty: Mechanised Infantry
Secondary Specialty: Anti-Armour
Birthplace: Various
Grade: O-2 and higher

It is generally accepted that single weapons system types are much less effective without the support of the full combined arms team. As such, Cobra integrates Viper assault infantry units into its Armoured Divisions. These troops complement the swift armoured assault by Cobra HISS and other tanks, allowing exploitation of gains and providing a counterpunch to defending infantry.

Operating as an element of Cobra's Heavy Armoured Division is the Viper Armoured Infantry Regiment. Fighting mounted from IFVs/APCs* or dismounted as shock infantry, this is the premier assault infantry force in Cobra, one which draws the troops with the most aggressive fighting spirit in the Legions.

Officers command sub-units at the Troop (Platoon) level and higher, and are fitted with a distinctive helmet, housing advanced sensors, communications, and command & control equipment.

Depicted in the image are the insignia of the Armoured Legion (R) and the Vipers (L).

*Infantry Fighting Vehicles/Armoured Personnel Carriers

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