Head: '86 Roadblock
Torso: '93 Star Brigade Roadblock
Arms: 91 Eco Flint
Waist: '88 Roadpig
Legs: '92 Barricade

Born a US citizen, Battalion worked for the UN as a peacekeeper specializing in rapid response crisis intervention. Much of his work with the UN is still classified to both the US and British governments. Following his release from the UN, Battalion sought a life in the private sector and eventually relocated to London. Not long after settling in, London found itself under attack by a terrorist organization called the Red Shadow's, Battalion found himself in the middle of the action assisting Action Force in thwarting the terrorist threat. Afterwards he was offered a spot on Action Force as its new field leader.

This custom is based on the Image Comics Stormwatch character and was originally planned as part of a custom Stormwatch team. The plans for the team have been dissolved, but there are a few key members that I am still planning customs of to add to my Joe Universe.

This figure is based on Battalion's original design. The colors were similar to Action Force anyway, so it was easy to transition him to the team, and then rework the bio a bit.

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