Head: '01 Leatherneck
Torso: '89 Night Viper
Arms: Funskool CGI
Waist: '86 Dial-Tone
Legs: '86 Lift Ticket

Blackout, like his GI Joe brother, was one of the few characters introduced in the Devils Due series that seemed to have any sort of lasting power. Other characters were forgotten about just as quikly as they were introduced. I liked the idea of a Joe recruit washing out and joining Cobra, and even more so the idea of him having two siblings as active Joe team members. It makes for an interesting dynamic, and I can only imagine how much fun it'd be to see a Stall family Christmas Special...probably a lot like my own family holiday gatherings!

Anyway, this was a pretty simple custom, I wanted to make an ARAH style Black Out character to fit in better with my collection.

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