Head: Ki Adi Mundi, modded
Helmet: Tyko Celchu
Body: MU AIM Soldier, dyed
Boots: Crimson Guard
Torch: Chap Mei? Or Indiana Jones?

I posted Casus the Tall to critiques back when I first started revealing characters from my sci-fi verse.

Here is what I said at that time:
"He is a legendary and seemingly ageless explorer. He has worked for each Kingdom at different points in his career, in charting the depths of space, exploring the Fringe Worlds, where it seems newly discovered habitable planets are found daily. And he also aids in the modification of uninhabitable worlds (what we would call Terra-forming)."

It struck me as funny that nobody asked what made him so tall, since the base figure really doesn't have him standing significantly taller than any other.

Well to answer the unasked question, it is because of the planet he calls home, and the race of people he calls his own.

When humans first began to explore the stars, and colonize habitable planets and moons, the divergent paths allowed for equally divergent evolution, genetic mutations, and environmental deviations in development. Such was the case for the colony of miners who would become Casus' ancestors.

The moon which they settled on did not seem too abnormal, aside from being rich with a reddish ore (so rich, in fact, it made the atmosphere glow red, and led to the world being named Red Rock), and a perfect target for the mining based tribe/colony. Gravity was certainly more dense than normal Earth standards, but nothing that simple tech could not address for all standing structures and living environs. At least that was the thought the founders of the colony had.

The reality was that virtually all aspects of the colony had some hand in the mining operation beginning at a very early age, and continuing throughout their lives. This is relevant because the mining operations took place outside of the gravity equalizers, while also exposing the workers to the various radioactive particles found within the alien ore, which was used as an energy source for various new technologies throughout the new colonies.

After many generations upon generations of constant exposure to these conditions, the body make up of the people of Red Rock was changed, right down to their very genetic code. Mutations from the radiation combined with the dense gravity conditions, and the heavy work environment caused Casus's people to become strong and live exceedingly long lives, but at the cost of growing to approximately 2/3 the height of their human brethren. In other words, Casus's people had become something that Earthlings would call Dwarves.

The valuable ore which was harvested, and the secrecy with which the location of their home world was kept did little to dissuade that characterization. And over time, it was forgotten by most everyone, that the Dwarves of Red Rock had originated as Humans from Earth.

This is the world that Casus was born into. He was the first of his people to have been born without the roccia rossa size mutation for many centuries, and his height, even as a child, rendered him useless to the mining operations, which over time had been fitted to accommodate the smaller stature of the race. He still was the recipient of the superior strength and advanced lifespan normally associated with his people. But forced into a world outside of the mines, Casus became the first man of his race to venture BACK into the stars once more (for any purpose other than the ore trade), and began a legendary career as an intergalactic explorer throughout the Fringe.

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