Head: Slayer sculpt
Body and arms: Pink SW alien
Legs: MU Storm
Feet/Boots: Prince of Persia Dastan.

Just as I did with Luc Ajax, I made my step-daughter into a character in my sci-fi verse (aka The Fringe, aka Avalon), which is also where my Joe's Cantina stories take place.

Now that I have also finished making a toddler version of my youngest, my immediate family is now all accounted for in custom form.

LK Ajax is away at a university on Earth during most of the story which has taken place thus far. The Ajax clan spends time on old Earth as well as on the Space Station the Artifex.

When used in my EXCAL verse, however, she is the daughter of Knighthawk, former Joe Greenshirt, former EXCAL Paladin, and current liaison to the new Adventure Team.

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