Head: RoC Pit Commando
Main body: 25th Wet Suit
Helmet: RoC Flash
Lower Arms: not sure

As the Cobra Organization began to grow and expand it's reach into various parts of the world, more specialists were recruited from the military to join the G.I.*JOE team. Hawk had been resistant at first to allow non-Army members onto the team, but he saw where the members from other services brought their own special skills to the table and Torpedo had been invaluable as the head of seaborne warfare. When Hawk saw another SEAL's name come up on the roster, he had no problem accepting the sailor into the ranks. What he didn't count on was the love/hate relationship this wily new SEAL, Wet Suit, would have with another new member, Leatherneck, from the Marine Corps. While the two are constantly at each other's throats, there is no more loyalty between team members than what these two have for one another.

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