Head: Sky Patrol Airwave
Body: Maj. Storm

File Name: Splink, Geoffry
PMOS: Aircraft Crew Chief
SMOS: Machine Gunner
Birthplace: Battle Mountain, NV

Back Seat knew from a young age that he wanted to fly, unfortunately we couldn't get into college and get his commission, so he joined the Marines, knowing that they use helos as a primary source of transportation. Starting out as a grunt, he was able to get into the Air Wing when he reenlisted and worked his way up to Crew Chief, taking care of the helo and making sure it's required maintenance gets done and an cargo it might be hauling is loaded and secured properly as well manning the the helo's mini-guns to provide supporting fire.

"Any good pilot knows that they plane isn't theirs, it belongs to the crew chief who is kind enough to let them fly it. Back Seat loves his helo and makes sure it gets taken good care of. The other helo crews follow his lead to make sure that their birds are ready to go at a moment's notice."

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