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Head: Venomous Maximus
Torso: Venomous Maximus
Arms: Dart
Waist: Overkill
Legs: Destro
Claws: The Doctor

This is an original character that came about from wanting to use the clawed boots from Destro and the claws from The Doctor.

Pantero's viciousness began shutting down the underground fighting arenas throughout South America. At first his unstoppable characteristics brought out more and more challengers. But when the most powerful men had their bodies tossed in unmarked graves, the other fighters backed off. No one would step up against him and the fight promoters were losing money every night. The Estrela family heard of the monster and found him. They took care of his handler and brought him into their fold as a bodyguard for the family. The alliance between the Estrela's and The Headhunters has given Pantero another opportunity to display his ruthlessness.

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