Head, torso: Battle Corps Bazooka
Legs: 85 Bazooka
Arms: 86 Leatherneck

This custom began as an attempt to give a bit more dignity to Bazooka. As a kid, I loved the character. He, Alpine and Quick Kick were sort of the "three stooges" of the Joes. Even in my more "gritty" comic-based Joe-verse, I looked past his "shoot-me" football jersey and thought of him as a highly trained specialist who was part tank jockey and grease monkey, and happened to carry a really big anti tank gun. I took the Battle Corps "fishing" Bazooka and tried to repaint his fishing vest to look more like a flak vest, and his hat to look like a military floppy. I was on a DCU kick at the time and decided to go in that direction and stick him on Duke's Delta Force.

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