Head: Resolute Storm Shadow
Body: RoC Cobra Viper Commando
Helmet: 25th Serpentor

Despite his outlandish aspects I've always like Serpentor. True his appearance diminished Cobra Commander, but I love having multiple villains, and the Cobra Civil War was such a great storyline. So naturally, the idea of the Coil, originally intended to be part of the Sunbow cartoon and later resurrected for the Devil's Due comics has appeal as well. I want Serpentor around in my universe despite his death, and I can't see Cobra Commander wanting him around, so Serpentor forming his own army just makes sense. Lacking any "off the rack" figures that'd work for what I wanted I had to customize. I've never done this many of a single design before, and it was daunting. I think they sat for nearly 2 years before I finally started painting them. Now that they're done though I'm extremely pleased, and glad to know that once you get rolling, doing ten of a figure isn't all that bad in the end.

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