Helmet: Depth Charge
Head: J&R Customs Iron Grenadier
Torso / Arms: Flint (v5)
Waist / Legs: Clean-Sweep
Pack: Techno-Viper (v1), modified
Virus Spreader: Toxo-Viper

Pestilence wallows in joy at creating a new virus that he can spread among the citizens of the world. He disdains those who resort to chemical weapons as being dull-witted due to not being able to bend nature to their will in order to create a stronger strain of illness. Pestilence's most recent work can be seen spreading through the Orient as we speak.


The Four Horsemen (Death, War, Famine and Pestilence) are an elite group of Cobras who specialize in general mayhem, although their connections with Cobra are well hidden. They normally enter towns a few months before a planned Cobra infiltration to lay a base of havoc. Then, when Cobra comes to the town and saves them of the horrors they had been suffering the locals accept them as saviors.

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