Head: Pathfinder
Torso: Tunnel Rat
Arms: Snow Job

This was another repaint of an earlier custom that was originally done with Desert Storm choco chip camo. When I decided to do my Delta Force crew in modern (at the time) DCU.

Barrage was conceived several years before the DTC figure of the same name was produced. I was taking a stab at making some custom characters as an adult and really liked this parts combo. I added the facial hair to distinguish him from Pathfinder (who was an unknown character to me anyway) and also to give him a bit of personality. Barrage was "that guy" on the team who was always a bit more slack than everyone else on customs and courtesies. However, on the battlefield, there is no one more reliable in a pinch.

In my Joeverse, after Duke accepted Stalker's offer to join the Joes, Barrage came with him. His first mission with the Joes was in the showdown in South Dakota where the Joes had to assault an underground Cobra bunker to stop them from launching a WMD at Chicago. He was severely wounded on the mission and was subsequently medically discharged from active duty.

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