Head: Sub-Viper
Torso: Royal Guard
Arms: Thrasher
Waist: Road Pig (v1)
Legs: Night Viper (Funskool)
Gatling: Roadblock (v9)
Pack & Bullets: Funskool Roadblock
Rifle: Unknown, modified to fit NV leg

War loves the violence of a battlefield. His expertise lays in playing sides against each other in order to incite a call to arms. Then he can mount the battlefield to satisfy his own bloodlust. His armor is an advanced M.A.R.S. composite material that can deflect most standard battlefield arms.


The Four Horsemen (Death, War, Famine and Pestilence) are an elite group of Cobras who specialize in general mayhem, although their connections with Cobra are well hidden. They normally enter towns a few months before a planned Cobra infiltration to lay a base of havoc. Then, when Cobra comes to the town and saves them of the horrors they had been suffering the locals accept them as saviors.

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