Head: Headhunter Stormtrooper
Torso: Gristle
Arms: Night Viper
Waist: Unknown
Legs: Vapor
Pack: Funskool Zartan
Sword: Bushido (v1)
Gun: Shipwreck v5
Rifle: Unknown

Death is the leader of the four. An expert tactician and strategist as well as a world-class assassin. He can enter almost anywhere undetected. He prefers to operate at night as his victim sleeps. Death will creep into the room, poise himself over his target and slowly wake them just enough that they see his death mask hanging over them so they know that Death has come for them. He then slits their throat and escapes. Death is also an expert sniper.


The Four Horsemen (Death, War, Famine and Pestilence) are an elite group of Cobras who specialize in general mayhem, although their connections with Cobra are well hidden. They normally enter towns a few months before a planned Cobra infiltration to lay a base of havoc. Then, when Cobra comes to the town and saves them of the horrors they had been suffering the locals accept them as saviors.

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