Head: DG Shipwreck
Torso, arms: Renegades Tunnel Rat
Legs: DG Shipwreck
Case: 50A Hawk

"Condor Z25" Infiltration Drone
Body: Retaliation Duke
Airfoil: Wolverine Origins Weapon X shackle
Bombs: 25A Destro wrist rockets

This was a fun custom to put together. The figure is based on an excellent concept presented in the infamous 'Concept Case' from a few Conventions ago. The idea to pair the drone with that awesome case came from Master Collector's Bombstrike. The drone was just an idea I had based on the similar shape that the drone had to the original Condor plane, and it occurred to me that Hasbro missed an opportunity.

This custom furthers the idea that Shipwreck is a one man navy, in that he does any naval job needed. In this case, it's piloting a drone stolen from a MARS weapons facility, with the intent of spying on Cobra Island.

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