Head: Ripper
Torso: Ripper
Arms: Roadblock
Waist: Roadblock
Upper Legs: Ace
Lower Legs: Heavy Duty

This was one of my earlier customs and I based it on the Brock Lee redesign.

Sgt. Slaughter has been one of GI Joe's most powerful advocates. Joining the team during its peak activity, he led many successful missions against Cobra. He developed The Slaughterhouse soldier rehabilitation program based in The Rocky Mountains and has since turned that over to his most successful students, Mercer and Red Dog. When GI Joe reformed he was given a new team of Marauders. They are mostly veteran Joes who were facing retirement but were convinced to stay on board with Sarge. Now The Marauders are completely off the books and are totally self sustained in the field, just the way they like it.

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