Head: Comic Pack Oktober Guard
Torso: Grunt
Arms: Grunt
Waist: Crosshair
Legs: Stalker

Based this figure off of Dusty V3.

Sandstorm is the first and only soldier so far to graduate from The Slaughterhouse rehabilitation program. A former soldier who went AWOL with his service companion, Dirtbag, Sandstorm was tracked to Trucial Abysmia where he was training rebel forces to overthrow the dictatorship. He and Dirtbag were extradited back to the United States by GI Joe and immediately sent to The Slaughterhouse. After a year he was released back to the main roster and assigned to the region he knows best. Now with the Coil's uprising he has been sent a team of desert specialists to resume the training he was doing when he was found.

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