Head: DTC Mediviper
Rest: Whiteout
Legs: Big Ben

I loved the characters in Valor vs. Venom, and I even enjoyed quite a few of the face molds, but I pretty much hated the entire figure run save for a few gems.

I hand carved the head ball into a '84 style head knob, and put the head on a kelly green dyed Whiteout body. The lower cobra sticker comes from Cobra Stickers.

I was trying a lot of dyes out at that time and the green didn't look great, but I liked it for this figure.

A bit of trivia: the Whiteout/Big Ben mishmash parts are actually leftovers from Joe Canuck Figures, purchased from the $2 bin at Bounty Hunter Toys.

I love the aesthetic of the 1984 figures. Less bland than the 82 and 83, but simpler than the 85 years on. This character is one of a few that I have done from this time period in this style.

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