Head: Dr. Mindbender
Torso: Zartan
Arms: Nunchuk
Waist: Dr. Mindbender
Upper Legs: Croc Master
Lower Legs: Ripper
Feet: Nunchuk

This is my Ninja Force Gnawgahyde, renamed Skinner and made into his own character.

Kermit Henson traveled the roads on his motorcycle causing trouble where ever he went. Rarely bathing or even changing clothes, he could easily get lost in the wilderness and bloodhounds couldn't track him. His life changed when he met the apple of his eye, a girl who fell instantly head over heels with him and took to his ways. Donning the hood and cape of a wild boar, Piggy joined Kermit, now calling himself Skinner, on his travels and together they ran rampant across the country. Fortunately for Skinner, Piggy knew Zarana and was able to get them out of the country when things got too hot.

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