Head: RDJ IM sculpt, cast by Starwarsgeek
Torso/arms: Renegades Duke, or Law?
Legs: ROC Storm Shadow, dyed

While working on my Stark set, I wanted one that resembled Tony's "casual" working at home look from the movies. Funny thing is I wrapped this one up, then a couple months later Hasbro finally released this headsculpt on a body not too off from mine...

Tony Stark has always been a man known by the U.S. Government, and indeed the government of any nation wealthy enough to afford his various military technologies. The elite forces, such as G.I. Joe, have been using Stark Armaments for decades.

We all know what led Stark to change his ways, but even now sharing time with Iron Man, Stark still has his Billionaire Playboy moments.

Stark has spent time with both EXCAL and SHIELD over the years, and with the MEDUSA wars over or at least suspended*, Tony has returned to a prominent role with the Avengers, most directly affiliated with SHIELD.

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