head - long range - resculpt
helmet - sigma strike duke helmet, whirlwind snakeyes visor, wetsuit hoses duke v1 visor, handle tip from strike duke
torso - desert long range
left arm - zartan
right arm - strike armor duke
hands - shipwreck
legs - shockblast
vest - lt stone vest, strike duke shoulder pad, drawer liner strike duke elbow part, wetsuit hose
arm detail from desert long range belt

Knockdown - It is often speculated that Knockdown's fear of flying is what contributed to his feel the need to take down whatever is in the air. He has a reputation for perfect record in skeet shooting and an uncanny ability to pluck anything out of the air, be it a paper plane, a fly or moth. He went on to study engineering, excelling in microwave and radar technology. He was tapped as a crew member for the Sgt. York project that while it was canceled still saw him move on to several other classified weapons projects in the Aberdeen Proving Grounds. His knowledge in his chosen vocation has proven to be invaluable where electronic breakdowns occur anytime during battlefield conditions. Should the detection technology fail, he is able to demonstrate said uncanny ability to shoot down anything in the air even if it has to be anti-aircraft cannons.

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