head - Masters of the universe classics eternian guard + visor from lockdown helmet
torso and left arm - zartan
right arm - strike duke
belt - duke v1
lower legs - shipwreck
chest detail from TMNT future tech figure
guns - frontal assault duke

Has from time to time been acused being somewhat single minded...His obsession with improving and developing hovercraft technnology gained little merit in his lifetime. He had actual working diagnostic designes for fusion powered turrican turbines that could make something as massive as the USS Flagg airborne. His other passion was music, loud and pounding rock beats often brough him and CrossCountry to odds over who's battle songs where better. Blaster was amoung the casualties of the artillery strike on the oil refinery while trying to provide renforments to a pinned down unit in the capital city of Benzheen.

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