Head: SWCW Rex?
Torso, upper arms: IJ- German Soldier
Lower arms: IJ- Russian Soldier
Hands: 25A Roadblock
Waist, legs: SW Obi Wan Kenobi
Rope: 2010 Storm Shadow???


Another addition to my "Now a Joe" project, introducing The Cat of Eagle Force. "Escape Artist" is a strange title, but given the name I assume that the character is probably stealthy and good at climbing things. The contorted positioning of the Roadblock hands lend themselves to climbing poses.

Mego's designs for its Stryker figure and The Cat figure were easily the two Eagle Force ones most alike. Much too similar. Both had black hair, berets, two grenades, mustaches, long sleeves, and gold fatigues with jackboots. The Cat had a rope draped across his chest- this is about the only way to tell the Mego figures apart at a quick glance.

To distinguish them from each other, I've given The Cat a more standard uniform with a skull cap, and retained his rope. My Stryker design has a dark orange form fitting shirt and a tattered shawl. Now Stryker and The Cat don't look like clones of each other.

Colors & Paint:

Following the same color set as my other EF customs, in which Mego's metallic gold is replaced with a dark tan/yellow/orange camouflage pattern. Unlike my earlier EF customs, the pattern here does not use black lines to frame in the colors. Just trying something different, and it turned out pretty nicely.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The cartoon heads from the Clone Wars line are usually ones I can work with just by painting them in a more realistic manner. The Rex head, though, was just too exaggerated to use as it was. I added mass to the top of the head to balance out the overall shape. The "skull" was made larger and then the skull cap was added to it. The head was repositioned on the neck and the hips were reworked to fit the skirt. The cargo pockets on the pants were added.

Thanks for looking.

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