Marion Ravenwood - Head
Courtney "Cover Girl" Krieger - Upper Torso
Zanya - Lower Torso
Vincent "Falcon" Falcone Scarf - Shirt tie
Scarlett - Legs
Lady Jaye - Arms
Dr. Mindbender - Gloves

So the G.I. Jeff episode of Community last season was amazing. Seasons 4 and 5 were a little uneven at times, but the homage to G.I. Joe was an amazing episode. The character designs were terrific, and I've been working on making figures of them in the style of modern G.I. Joe figures.

Annie's Ship Wreck-based design was great, and it's always fun to sneak in a little bit of "pin up" style so long as it isn't overboard. Skin tone is always a pain to paint smoothly, and her costume does show a lot of skin. Still, I'm pleased with how she came out and I'm looking forward to filling up a shelf with G.I. Jeff figures.

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