Head: Duke (2003)
Entire body: Sgt. Hacker (2003)
Helmet: Maverick (1988)
Gun: Duke (2003)
Parachute: Flint (2003)

This was going to be a Mainframe custom at first, when I thought what I really hated about Sgt. Hacker (aside from his name) was his head. But after I got the Duke head repainted and attached, I realized no head could make what was essentially a gray flightsuit look like a computer technician's uniform. So I decided to outfit him properly and make him the pilot for my newly acquired Skystriker jet. Had to shave off the silver doo-dads on his biceps (no great loss) and paint on some flight patches (unfortunately not visible), but with the chute on he looks great as the Joes' air commander.

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