Head-Basic Series Wave 1 Shipwreck
Torso and Forearms-Renegades Tunnel Rat
Upper Arms and Right Upper Thigh-Renegades Ripcord
Lower Legs, Left Upper Thigh, Feet-Basic Series Wave 2 Shipwreck
Hands-Renegades Snake Eyes

So I turned around one day and suddenly I have a Staples copy paper box full of figure fodder. I have no idea how it happened, but it is ridiculous so I have made a decision to try to use some of it up.

First up is that Concept Vault Shipwreck that I liked so much when I saw it. This was mainly just part swapping and paint, but I did make the cuffs out of a Retaliation 3-pack Firefly webgear. The Navy on his chest is a waterslide from a model and the tattoo is a waterslide I printed myself. I included a before pic, which I usually don't do, but since this was a fodder utilization situation, I think it's cool to see.

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