Head, torso, waist, upper arms, legs: Dr Mindbender
Lower arms: Dr Mindbender v2

Transcript: Operation:Mindcrime log # 2463827; October 17, 2013
"Bah! This is ridiculous! Dinosaurs! There are no damn dinosaurs! Hunting dinosaurs... What do they take me for?! This is probably another of Destro's japes... Foolhardy waste of time. I can be doing science! Making discoveries! I'm not Raptor, I have things to do! (Indistinct) ... Running around looking for Dinosaurs... Siri! How many dinosaurs exist in the world today?"

"The dinosaurs have been extinct for millions of years"

"You see! Extinct! Even Siri knows this! Such a waste of time... I'll show them. I'll wear my brightest, most bright uniform. This is ridiculous."

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