Head, torso: Viper
Arms: Python Patrol Tele Viper
Waist, legs: Dr Mindbender v2

Viper ID 4537-D56
Helmet audio log
Transcript # 34244
October 17 2013 0926:56

"(Muffled) You there! Viper! Change in plans! You wear THIS instead. Now go put this on"

"Um, this isn't regulation uniform-"

"Go! We are going to hunt dinosaurs and we are going to prove a point! Go put on that uniform NOW!"

"(Barely audible) why I get stuck with Mindbender detail on a nice day like this... Oh maaaan, this uniform is retarded. Why is it so bright? Why is it yellow? What the hell, man?"

(Ambient equipment noise)

"Did he say hunting dinosaurs?"

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