Head: Angel Forge
Torso: Retaliation Joe Colton
Upper arms: 25A Copperhead
Lower arms: 25A Bazooka
Upper legs: RoC Storm Shadow
Lower legs: Retaliation Colton
Feet: 25A Destro

As with several of my James Bond characters, this is not my first pass at Jaws. And like the other redo's, this is a much better representation of the iconic villain. The problem was that when I started doing these, I only had first generation 25th Anniversary parts available to me, plus the occasional head from Star Wars or some other line. So I kinda had to make certain things work that just didn't. As more, better figures were released, I'd upgrade my customs. The head from Angel Forge was a godsend on this, and I'm soooo much happier with the custom than is ever expected to be.

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