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Head: Motocross Guy
Torso: Barrel Roll
Arms: Gung-Ho
Waist: Wild Bill
Legs: Beachhead

Otis and Vance grew up in a nice middle class family and raised to always do the right thing. They grew bored with life and found out that getting in trouble was a lot more fun. Mom and Dad continued to bail them out of trouble and bought the boys whatever they wanted. After a night of mailbox football, the boys would have evidence of their destruction all over their yard and their parents would quietly pay off the neighbors and sweep the incident under the rug. After their parents died when the boys were in their early 20s, they discovered that their money was coming from partial ownership is a well established gun manufacturer. With their new found funding, the boys hit the road. They met The Dreadnoks one night and began following them around the country hoping to join the gang. The 'noks let the tag along and took to calling them Dreadheads and using them but never accepting them as equals.

Vance is the wilder of the two brothers and some would even call him unhinged. He can be irritating to spend a lot of time with him but when a fight breaks out, Vance is right there ready to go.

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