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Head - unmasked: Hobbit Kili with sculpted hair
masked: kitbash of Minimates Star-Lord and 25th Wraith

Torso - PP Snake Eyes (or similar)
Arms - 30th Crimson Guard (modded)
Legs - POC Firefly
Coat: Prince of Persia

Harness and bag - mish-mash of Hobbit and PotC

Peter Quill, like John Stamos before him, is a hero of all mankind. An unlikely one? Sure, but a hero nonetheless. With his companions he serves to guard the galaxy from the evils which exist beyond the knowledge of the common Earthling. Though he is (at least partially) an Earthling himself, the man now known as Star-Lord has thus far operated well beyond the control of any Earth-bound organization.

However, he will surely soon be found out by our world's governments and agencies, not the least of which are SHIELD and the remnants of EXCAL. EXCAL operatives, in particular, have begun to stumble upon portal after portal which could quickly bridge the gap between worlds, and eventually reintroduce Mr. Quill to his native land.

In the meantime, he remains hooked on a feeling that he must traverse the stars looking for adventure, fun and profit, even if the by product of that is to do good throughout the galaxy.

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