Wreck-It Ralph - Torso
POTC Gibbs - Head
Iron Man Mark 1 - Legs
Roadblock - Arms
War Machine - Gauntlet
War Machine - Missile Launcher
Mutt - Glove
Techno-Viper - Big Wrench
Cobra Commader - Arm Cannon

The year is 20xx. The Laser Wars rage on!

Over at joecustoms.com, 36 customizers have randomly been assigned to two teams to see which group can submit the most customs to the joecustoms.com figure gallery by the end of the year. Started as a challenge between bucky and joemichaels70, it looks like we're off to an amazing start with almost 200 new submissions currently in the queue for the gallery! Team members assign either a "redlaser" or "bluelaser" tag to their submissions, and the side with the most at the end of the challenge will each get a custom made by a member of the losing side. It's all in good fun to promote activity on, in my opinion, one of the best hobby sites on the internet, and I'm excited to be part of Team Blue Lasers!

Of course, I began to wonder just who the Blue Lasers were after the team leaders each made mascots for their side(here and here), and suggested bolstering our ranks with characters based on shades of blue. Here's me as the Blue Laser's field engineer, responsible for keeping units like the COBALTs up and running. I came up with the look immediately after seeing Edge of Tomorrow, and like the heavy-variant of the power armor worn in the film. I decked him out with an array of tools and weapons to help keep his comrades up and running, and keep the Red-ites on the run.

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