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Masked Head: Cast of one I made for Gray Suit Batman
Unmasked: Ret. Flint

Body: ROC Nite Adder

Gauntlets: DKR, modded to slide on, plus Nite Adder Gloves

Cowl and Cape: DC Keaton Batman

Utility Belt: Sculpted + Kibble

Bat-a-rang: Lego

In my verse, Bruce Wayne was one of the original founders (along with Oliver Queen) of the EXCAL organization. While Queen revealed his identity at the formation of the group, Wayne continued to hide behind the mask, gaining a "Shadow Knight" status within the organization, while others were being knighted as Paladins.

Though the MEDUSA wars are over, or at least on hiatus, and EXCAL has largely disbanded (the remnants now are mostly on the science and adventure side), Batman has continued his war on evil, adapting from warrior to crime fighter. He has put Wayne's fortune to good use, establishing a base of operations in Gotham (where he is plenty preoccupied), but also continuing to branch out, largely filling the role of EXCAL before him, with his international crime-fighting network.
My favorite look for Batman far and away is gray suit with black trim. However, the all black look, done this way, pays a proper homage to the Keaton look, with a bit of updating as well.

I spray painted the Nite Adder body black as a primer before painting, and the results were very smooth. Once I was talked into using the Keaton Batman emblem, I really became a fan of this as an alternate suit for my primary Batman figure.

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