Head - A heavily, heavily modified Crossbones, I think...
Torso - Retaliation 3 pack Roadblock (modified)
Legs - Road Pig (modified)
Arms - Avengers Battle Hammer Thor (modified)
Belt & air tank/hose - 25th Croc Master
Knife & sheath - Raginspoon's cast of Copperhead's
Holster - sculpted

I have made MANY Croc Master customs for my massive Croc Master project trying to accomplish what I have done here; the biggest, most superhuman looking Croc Master ever! There was so much sculpting involved. The head was a Crossbones (I think) cast from Tofujesse that I HEAVILY modified. I added the 25th style stitches on the side of the mask, but you can't really see it in the pictures. Originally I just repainted the knees that came with the Road Pig legs, but eventually I grinded down the knee pads and sculpted what looks like just part of his pants.

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