Head: Cast from 2007 Convention Doc Greer

Body: 2007 Lady-Jay

Following in her uncle's footsteps, Doc Greer Graduated top of her class from Georgetown. Instead of doing her residency and turning down many high paying opportunities, Doc Greer decided to further her uncle's legacy and joined the Navy as a Medical Officer. She graduated OCS at The Navy War College top of her class and went on to Naval flight school and Naval flight physiological school. She was attached to Naval Hospital commands in San Diego CA when she was approached by a few Joes that needed immediate medical treatment after a mission against a Cobra cell. She did her job no questions asked. The next afternoon her CO called her into his office and promoted her to Lt Commander (0-4) and gave her orders for reassignment. She then was taken to an awaiting Tomahawk with the team she saved the night before and flown to Joe HQ.

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