Head: Juno Eclipse
Hair: X-23
Torso and Arms: Resolute Scarlett
Legs: Ms. Marvel buck
Crown: Padme
Royal Robe: SW alien Senator
Sling on Rifle: by TR1ER

The protagonists from my science fiction verse are typically independent of the Two Kingdoms that drive the political backdrop stories. Most of the characters I focus on are either from independent Fringe Worlds, or at least have an independent affiliation such as Joe's Cantina, the IPA Pirate Hunters (such as Ajax), or even characters from Earth itself.

If I do focus on one Kingdom's characters more than the other, it is definitely Avalonia. In my story, that is where Ajax is from, and I have customized many factions from within that Kingdom to provide context.

I got pretty far into this verse before realizing I had not really done much yet on the other Kingdom, Elysia*

In my Avalonian customs, I wanted to have a sci-fi fantasy, sword and sorcery vibe to the characters. For Elysia, I wanted something that spoke to a more techno-vibe, with a culture that in my mind was less drab castle oriented, and more bright light (think Tokyo at night) themes. The figures hopefully have a bit of a unique look, and a bit of cross over into pulp era sci-fi as well.

Because she was not old enough to rule or fight by the time the last major war had concluded, 'The Warrior Queen' is a bit of a misnomer, as such titles often are. Nevertheless, she has seen combat, on a smaller scale, while leading a team of Commandos to quell a small insurrection on a colony world, before the passing of her father and King. She has been trained to stand and fight next to the greatest warriors of her generation, and it is doubted by few that she will live up to her title if tested.

The pics here show her at court, which she loathes, side by side with her consort, the Warlord Vance Waysider, X. Another pic shows her with her Royal Commandos.

*no affiliation to the movie Elysium intended, though both fictitious entities refer to the Elysian Fields mythology - I viewed it as a cross-cultural counterpart to the Avalon mythology of the other Kingdom.

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