Head: Storm Shadow
Torso: Destro
Arms: Dart
Waist: Snake Eyes
Legs: Dart

Zandar is rarely remembered in the Dreadnok lineup. He is easily forgotten and has no outstanding physical features. But that all works in his favor when he is assigned a target by Zartan. Zandar easily slips by any guards and hides in plain sight. After his target is eliminated he easily blends into the crowd and disappears once again.

Fiercely loyal to his brother, Zandar stayed by Zartan's side through the Dreadnok Uncivil War and acted as his bodyguard. When Zartan's health improved, Zandar leaped at the chance to get his hands dirty once again. His own sister had a hard time spotting him and it only took a couple of attacks from Zandar to drive Zarana and her new "Dreadnoks" out of the fold.

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