Head: Indiana Jones Temple Guard
Torso: Destro
Arms: Roadblock
Waist: Zartan
Upper Legs: Barrel Roll
Lower Legs: Wild Bill
Coat: Budo

Zanzibar worked exclusively for Zartan in the years Zartan was associated with Cobra. When Cobra was forced to disband, The Dreadnoks went back to there swamp hideout to let the heat on them die down. Zanzibar took to the seas and began an international smuggling trade that was unmatched at the time.

Zanzibar recruited a crew of international miscreants who gladly sail on Zanzibar's ship, The TopKnot, and take new ships, raid seaside villages, and whatever else that will pad their pockets. Zartan finally was able to track the infamous pirate down once again and convince him to fly the Dreadnok flag atop the mast of The TopKnot.

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