Head: Lady Jaye
Torso: Lady Jaye
Arms: Zarana
Waist: Bombstrike
Upper Legs: Tunnel Rat
Lower Legs: Big Brawler

Zarana was sure that leadership of The Dreanoks would fall to her when Zartan was taken out of action by a sickness. But Zarana did not figure that Zanya would rise up and that the Dreadnoks would rally behind the young daughter of Zartan. Zarana rounded up her own followers and what became known as The Uncivil War was started with a bang.

When Zartan recovered from the illness he returned with a force and the original Dreadnoks joined his side of the fight. Zarana took her soldiers and found sanctuary on Cobra Island. Her newly christened IronKlad now work for Cobra and do all of the dirty jobs that The Dreadnoks used to handle. If she can't beat them head to head, maybe she will take their contracts from them.

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