Head: Alyosha Cast
Base Figure: Storm Shadow
Shoes: Barrel Roll

I received this cast head in a mixed bag of products and I knew immediately which body to put it on to work Bruce Lee in as a Joe figure. I replaced the feet with some better tennis shoe feet and gave the whole figure lots of yellow to mimic one of his most famous attires. This was the figure that I learned to paint eyes just so I could have it in my collection.

The Dragon Master has traveled the world showcasing his talents. He was a mentor to many but few ever had the chance to learn from him personally. When Storm Shadow reopened the gates to the Arashikage compound, he was surprised to see Lee Jun-Fan standing there. He told Storm Shadow that he came to become an Arashikage student. Storm Shadow knew there was nothing that he could teach the man and named him The Dragon Master. Now he and Storm Shadow lead the new generation of students of Arashikage.

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