Head: PoC Zartan
Torso, upperms, legs: Ret 3-pack Invasion Trooper
Lower arms: 25th TRU SRO Crimson Cobra Commander
Hands: 25th DVD Pack (3) Cobra Commander
Webgear: 25th Cobra Officer
Grenades: fodder box (they may be from 25th Snake Eyes 1989 version)
Welding mask: 30th Law (modded)
Backpack: 25th Extreme Condition Desert 7-pack
Flame-Thrower: 25th Blowtorch

After doing some Eagle Force characters last year for the ''New Ennemies'' group project, I planned to keep adding to the roster. While taking a break from other projects, I threw together RIOT's Beta Man - the Arsonist. He was actually a pretty quick custom to make. I didn't use any red paint. I simply mixed and matched parts from a couple of red figures. I'm pretty happy with the result. Also, with Boss Fight Studios doing Eagle Force in 2015, my roster will fill up quickly.

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