Head: Luke Skywalker trimmed with Winx figure Hair
Chest, Skirt, Upper Arm Sleeves: PotC Pirate Queen Swann
Waist, Legs, Arms: 25th Scarlett

With the Red Lasers vs. Blue Lasers Challenge going on right now I figure I should dig out some older customs, dust them off and submit them to help my fellow Red Lasers teammates.

This was going to be my entry for the "Rouge States" group project that I never got finished. This is the leader the Jade Empress. She rules the Jade Dragons from her fortress on a small island nation in the Pacific. They use this location as a place for the governments of the East and West to trade prisoners or secrets. The Empress also deals in secrets and information, using them to her advantage. She and her troopers are a semi annoying thorn in the side of the Adventure Team. Though the Empress seems to have a liking for John Steele, aka The Man of Action.

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