Head: Rampage
Body - Snake Eyes
Legs: ROC Shipwreck

I'm going to admit that this little "Fury Force" run of figures I did was uninspired. At some point in my EXCAL world-building I felt like I had to crank through a bunch of ideas, and had put quantity over quality. Luckily I overcame that mindset.

What I wanted to do was create a team that would be from the SHIELD side of my universe, that was a multi-department unit, drawing from both SHIELD and G.I. Joe. It was inspired loosely by the famed Fury Force concept drawings which play at least some role in the origins of the modern Joe line.

What I ended up doing was somewhat half-hearted. I didn't have a great use at the time for some of the more basic Joe team figures from ROC, and felt like using them up. This is one example.

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