Head: unmasked is Steve Rogers, masked is Avengers Hawkeye

Body: Marvel Universe

Lower Legs: Snake Eyes

This one is part Ultimates, part Ultimate Avengers, part movie, and part me.

His backstory also would closely resemble Ultimate Hawkeye, to a point. But before his Avengers career would begin, the EXCAL version's story branches off. His special forces background caused him to draw the attention of the EXCAL organization when it was at its peak. His eye in general, and his archery skills in particular, made Oliver Queen seek him out, where he became Queen's protege, and rapidly established himself as "The Green Arrow's" peer, not merely his student.

A falling out occurred somewhere along the lines, and by the time the EXCAL story was being reported on regularly here, Barton had already departed EXCAL. It was thought he had either gone into hiding, or had given up the fight altogether. Then word came out that Barton had aligned himself with SHIELD, the one time competitor of EXCAL (though now the only horse in the race). With SHIELD's emergence as the go-to organization for exceptionally skilled combatants, Hawkeye is now go-to-guy within his field, and Queen is the one rarely heard from these days.

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