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Head, MU Nighthawk modded
Body: MU?
Wings: MU Angel
Collar: Black Widow belt
Boots: ROC Snake Eyes

Organizational History Briefing

History tells us that the G.I. Joe organization developed out of what was originally to be an elite commando unit of the SHIELD organization, named Fury Force. History lies.

The Fury Force legend was created to hide the truth about the organization which not only gave birth to G.I. Joe, but to the modern day hero, period. That group was a justice-seeking, civil rights minded force of change known simply as: Falcon Force.

>Raymond H. Randall, esq., aka Birdman. For all intents and purpose, big venture attorney and "amateur action archeologist" (his words, not ours) Ray Randall ceased to exist while on an expedition to Egypt in the Fall of 1963. Randall was in country attempting to secure a contract which would have allowed his firm and the client it represented exclusive national archeological rights for decades to follow. While researching the project and determining his bid for the contract, his entourage was ambushed by nationalist terrorists who sought to protect the heritage of the prized sites from international entreprenours.

Interviews* later revealed that the attack occurred just as Randall was examining a remarkable discovery inside a buried pyramid crypt located at CLASSIFIED which to this day has not been publicly identified. Randall was examining a set of pristine artifacts when the violence outside of the crypt erupted. As opposition gunmen sprang into the crypt, the artifacts seemed to "come to life"* as they activated on and around Randall. The artifacts included large man-sized wings made from a seemingly advanced (likely Alien, see CLASSIFIED ) technology, which fused to Randall's back, just as similarly advanced tech gauntlets fused to his wrists. With no conscious effort, Randall took out the gunmen, and fled Egypt. From that day forward, nobody saw Randall again as Randall. Thus it was that Birdman was born.**

[*Statements provided by Randall himself must always be viewed in contrast to the opinions of his handlers who, in later years, questioned his sanity following the attack.

**Randall attempted to return to his law practice in later years, under the name of Harvey Birdman. Though he convincingly brought many matters to court, his license to practice law as Harvey Birdman was later suspended indefinitely.]

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